Common Marketing Mistakes that Harm Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Common Marketing Mistakes that Harm Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Instagram demand is booming, and many of you are already using it for brand promotion. Interestingly, Instagram has given images and video options to marketers, which increase its demand exponentially. If you are a marketing agency and are considering Instagram as a potent platform for influencer marketing, you should be aware of common Instagram marketing mistakes that can drain your budget and end up with disastrous results.

With no delay, let’s talk about the prominent Instagram mistakes that you shouldn’t commit for a fruitful influencer marketing campaign.

Buying Likes & Followers: Paying for likes and followers is unethical influencers’ biggest mistake to boost their paid posts. It’s completely wrong to rely on paid likes and followers to promote your social presence. The biggest reason for skipping paid likes is that they don’t last long and degrade your engagement rate. So, if you are also looking forward to paying for fake likes and followers, it’s time to upgrade your skills and find some practical ideas to boost your followers’ count organically.

Putting Low-Quality Content: Instagram offers you video and image options to share with your followers. Moreover, you are recommended to share your content frequently to engage the audience. This doesn’t mean you put low-quality images on the social platform that will move your audience to other influencers. Instagram is a visual medium, and hence you should play with it in the same way. It’s better to learn the graphics guide to create appealing images for Instagram. If you aren’t efficient to create appealing content, it’s better to hire a professional writer like Emilie Haney.

Making Flood of Posts: Undoubtedly, Instagram never bound you to post a few or specific post count in a single day. This doesn’t mean you flood your Instagram account with tons of posts every single day. Instead of posting too much on your social platform, it’s better to understand the Instagram insights and check the analytics frequently to evaluate the right time of posting.


Use of Too Many Hashtags: Hashtags have nowadays become a necessity for every social post. However, adding too many hashtags (#) in your post won’t give it a great hike. Instead, it drags your post down and takes it into the spam category. So, make it a straight rule to use not more than 4 hashtags in every post related to your post and its niche. Research for hashtags is a skill you must learn to get the most out of hashtags.

Posting Dead Content: With regular posting, influencers get an idea of what works well for their Instagram account and what’s not. You must prepare your content and alter your content recipe based on that analysis and insight data. It’s bad if you continue posting dull content and expect a high engagement rate. 

With that said, you are now prepared to hit Instagram marketing and collaborate with multiple influencers to take advantage of Influencer Marketing at a low budget. Remember, influencer marketing is beneficial for SEO; hence you must take it as a product marketing practice to deliver a high outcome.

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